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  I grew up in New England, an area rich in American history with an array of mixed cultures. I left New England in 1985 and moved to Fairbanks Alaska were I met my husband Chris. He served in the US Army for 25 year. We have 6 children and 5 grandchildren. We currently live in Cibolo,Texas just outside of San Antonio. 
    I have been formally trained in Fine Arts as well as been blessed to have apprenticed and mentored  under  some phenomenal artist. 
    I am a Multi Media Artist, who is consistently looking for a new media to use and a new way of expressing God's love through Visual and Performing Arts. 
    I was very blessed to be raised by a strong Irishman who believed that I could do anything. He didn't believe in the old school thought that there is mens work and women's work.  He would say the opposite  to me ...." You are strong Ann, and don't let anyone tell you cant do something because you are a girl". My Father taught me how to mix cement,lay a foundation,strip logs, build a house, work with power tools and how to enjoy life, family, friends and most importantly do not take yourself seriously- Just LAUGH! 
My Father has been the most important influence in my life.
    I am very comfortable with Home Improvement Stores and I am not afraid to shop! They have a sea of media to use in Art,the key is to "think out of the box." My husband thinks its funny that most women want diamonds and flowers and I want a Mig Welder. Honestly I wish I had a 3 story warehouse to hold all of my equipment, create my art and hold larger classes. 
    My first love is Interior & Exterior design. I believe even the most functional everyday item in your home can and should be art. This led me to explore the Art of Fused Glass.  My studio is currently in my home. Space is limited so I am forced to focus on Metal sculpting, Silversmith, Painting, Fused Glass Art and teach smaller classes.
If I ever get that warehouse then who knows what else I would get into!!
Some designs, projects and other things I have worked in or  with include but not limited to:

Interior,Exterior and Landscape design
Faux Finishes
Theatre-Set, Costume designs and Characterization building for actors
Cement work and custom staining
Woodworking ,refinishing and repurposing 
Jewelry Designer
Fused Glass
Lighting design and construction
Company Logos and Signs
Sculptures-metal,ceramic,glass,found object
Performing Arts
Art Therapy -I work with children, Youth and Adults using Art to help express themselves and resolve inner conflict
Team building and Art parties for Children and Adults
   I believe we were Created by the Almighty God in His Image, He is the ultimate Artist and we are all His Masterpieces. I believe everything in life is Art- the way we love, nurture,walk, talk, what we wear,what we see its all around us. All my work is Inspired and created     ~ For His Glory.
    I hope you enjoy browsing my site if you see something you like please fill out contact info or call me.  I will get back to you as soon as possible with availability,pricing and shipping rates.
    *Please check back frequently as I am creating something new. I have more artwork that I haven't added to my site so please call or text me for latest inventory. If you are looking for something specific I can create a custom a design especially for you.

I have over a thousand gems in stock varying in colors,shapes so ask if you don't see it ask me I may have it in my inventory.
All work is a one of a kind, they all vary, just like we are all one of kind...

 Live Life on Purpose for a Purpose
 For His Glory <><

 Ann Reed
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I would love to know what you think of my artwork, my website so leave me your comments.This truly helps me 
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